Brown Courses:


CensusUsage | MIT Program of Information Science

CensusUsage is an open-source research project that I worked at the MIT Program of Information Science. The project incorporates three different sources of data regarding the ACS survey: online news articles, tweets through the Twitter API, and articles from the JSTOR academic journal database. You can find the github repository here.

GeoCash | HackMIT 2018 : Plaid API 1st Place Winner

Our project GeoCash won first place at HackMIT 2018 for the best usage of Plaid's API. GeoCash is a Meteor.js based webapp to help people to easily view where they are spending their money, through a location-based visualization. We were inspired by Plaid's challenge at HackMIT to "help people make more sense of their financial lives." The project is located here and the github repo is here.

Timewalk | HackHarvard 2019

TimeWalk is a mobile app that utilizes the HERE API to help keep track of where a user has traveled during a day. The mobile app creates a history of locations that the user has visited, including pictures, times, and place names. The project is located here and a demo is located here.