Conference Papers

Semi-Supervised Aggregation of Dependent Weak Supervision Sources with Performance Guarantees
Alessio Mazzetto, Dylan Sam, Andrew Park, Eliezer Upfal, and Stephen H Bach
Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (AISTATS), 2021
[pdf, code]

Automated Data Accountability for the Mars Science Laboratory
Ryan Alimo, Dylan Sam, Dounia Lakhmiri, Brian Kahovec, and Dariush Divsalar
IEEE Aerospace Conference, 2021
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Workshop Papers

Hierarchical Clustering Analysis of Spectral Fingerprints for Cheminformatics
Dylan Sam and Brenda M Rubenstein
NeurIPS Machine Learning for Molecules Workshop, 2020


Adversarial Multi Class Learning under Weak Supervision with Performance Guarantees
Cyrus Cousins*, Alessio Mazzetto*, Dylan Sam, Stephen H Bach, and Eliezer Upfal
Under Review

Fingerprinting Spectral Space
Dylan Sam, Xinhao Li, Phyo Phyo Zin, Kevin Guo, Denis Fourches, and Brenda M. Rubenstein
Under Review

Learning from Dependent Weak Supervision Sources
Dylan Sam
Undergraduate Honors Thesis, 2021